Goodnight iPad, as interpreted by Alexandra.

You guys, what does she think this book is about?!

Alright, confession time. One of my favorite parts of the day is nap time. This is, of course, for a wide assortment of really obvious reasons. {Hey! Don't judge unless you have a toddler at home!} But also, because Allie often narrates "storytime" with her stuffed animals after waking up from her naps. I'll hear her awake slowly, then babble on and on, turning the pages of the books that we picked out and put in her crib earlier. No lie, if I let her, she'd probably go on for an hour.

{EDITED TO ADD: Or try TWO hours. Just timed her. And it's only ending now because I really want to run errands, otherwise who knows how long story time would go on?!}

And it's freaking hilarious. The squeaky, high-pitched voice, the nonsense, rambling words, and the crazy sounds she makes to narrate often have me in stitches. And each book has a different tone and tenor, of course. The best is when you'll hear a string of absolute rubbish words, followed by a squeak, honk, an array of animal sounds, and then punctuated by something (relatively) normal like "APPLE!"

Unfortunately, these little storytime sessions always end abruptly as soon as I walk in the room. But yesterday, I finally caught A in all her storytelling glory on video. I dare you to watch this video and not laugh. I mean, really, what in the world does she think this book is about?!

Happy Monday!


  1. ahhh! she's so cute! :) Also, I LOVE the new blog theme! So awesome!!

    1. Thanks Steph! She gets half her cuteness from her godmother, of course. :-) Also, so glad you love the new blog design, seeing as you have great taste in blogs. ;-)


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