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Following up on Monday's post, a few friends asked for advice on our favorite toddler books. Clearly, Alexandra is a book worm. We read together in the morning when she wakes up (out of sheer laziness and not good parenting, mind you - I am NOT a morning person, and will do just about anything to add extra time snuggling under the covers), before her afternoon nap, and before bed every evening. (And that kid really knows how to milk to the pre-sleep reading sessions, let me tell you.) Add to that, of course, the hours of crazy-baby-babble reading Allie does after every nap. Let's just say we read A LOT of books.

The Best Books for Toddlers

Though there are so many awesome toddler books out there (really - I had to pare down this list considerably!),  there are a few that really seem to hit the nail on the head with the perfect combination of punchy illustrations, lyrical narration, and admittedly, a low words-per-page ratio (keeping my toddler entertained to the full extent of her 30 second attention span . . . too many words per page and she's out of my lap, running circles around me). Here are our current favorites.

Goodnight Moon - This tried-and-true classic is a winner with my little kiddo. I recently flew with Alexandra by myself and found out the hard way that we cannot be without this book for more than a few hours without a total meltdown occurring. (Imagine my child in first class frantically screaming "MORE MORE MOOOOOOOOOOONNNN!!!!!!" Then imagine me throwing back shot after shot of those complimentary teeny-tiny bottles of Absolut while shoving Goldfish crackers in A's mouth. Oh, and if you were a passenger on that flight . . . my sincerest apologies.)  I think it's a combination of the graphic, brightly-colored pictures and a storyline which uses basic, everyday words that make this book a winner with my little toddler.

Good night iPad - Unfortunately, most of us can only take so much Goodnight Moon. (Eight readings in one sitting is my record. Yours?) This is where Goodnight iPad comes in. This is a clever, updated version for the digital age which keeps Alexandra nearly as entertained as the original. Though I'm a little afraid to admit it, I'm pretty sure it's because she finds iPads, iPhones, Blackberries and Netflix about as captivating as the original version's "green rooms" and "red balloons." Whatever it is, I welcome the break from the original. And bonus! The background captions are absolutely hysterical for adults.

BabyLit it board books - Cheeky, sweetly-illustrated versions of some of my favorite classics from the likes of Austen, the Bronte sisters, and Shakespeare. Each book is a "primer" for different subjects, such as counting, colors, sounds and fashion. We have multiple titles from this series - Alexandra is a huge fan of the illustrations and simple subject matter. As an Austen-ite, I'm a huge fan of reading them to her.

Mini Masters books - A series of books based on different artists, such as Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir and Matisse. Alexandra loves to carefully examine the various works of art on each page. I love reading them to her because I feel like I'm learning something new each time. Win-win!

Madeline board book - There's a reason that this is a classic with the little ones, folks. Bemelman's illustrations are incredibly beautiful and artistic. And his near-lyrical narration is a hit with A. Just be sure to get the (abridged) board book.  One-year-old Alexandra doesn't yet have the patience to sit through too many words per page, and the abridged version seems to get that important words-per-page ratio just right.

Scanimation books - For lack of a better explanation (or any at all), the illustrations in these books seem to move as you turn each page. Alexandra will sit on my lap, mesmerized, as we watch horses gallop, roosters strut, penguins waddle, and stars flicker in the sky. She actually loves these books so much that she can't be left alone with them (or they end up inexplicably ripped open and torn apart . . . I'm pretty sure she's as curious as I am to figure out how these things work).

Olivia books - My toddler finds this sweet sassy pig absolutely hysterical. I also think that the stark, mostly black-and-white illustrations, resonate with her as well.

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  1. I've been looking for a list like this for some time, so thank you! Also, try "Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site" - my 2 year old loves it right now.


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